Shutterstock Keyword Trends

Shutterstock  has just announced a new tool for microstock photographers (and illustrators and videographers of course).  A tool that could potentially help us know what styles of imagery to create and when to create it. The tool can be found in the Shutterstock Darkroom. How it Works The tool works by comparing the search column […]

Depositphotos Improved Photo Stock Search

DepositPhotos has just released a new ‘fancy’ search, which gives suggestions of popular searches when you start typing your query.  Details in the press release below. The Depositphotos stock image house introduces a quantum leap in its already powerful search capabilities, with new as-you-type search result tips. Enter a search term, and you’ll immediately see […]

4 Lens Filters for Digital Photographers

Since the introduction of photo-editing software, most lens filters have become obsolete.  Filters, such as warming and cooling filters, are not required with post-processing software.  Because photo-editing software cannot change how light is captured, a few filters are still required. When researching for lenses to purchase, look at what filter size the lenses are; two […]

6 Settings to Speed Up Photoshop

As a microstock photographer, efficiency is the name of the game.  There are many steps in getting your images from shoot to upload – and waiting for Photoshop shouldn’t be one of them.  Here are a few simple steps to speed up Photoshop. Edit > Preferences > Performance The majority of speed settings are tucked […]

Pixmac Launches Two Stunning Exclusive Collections

Pixmac Microstock Photography Launches Two New Exclusive Collections Pixmac Microstock Photography has launched two new exclusive collections to the marketplace. The first collection, by well- known illustrator Camxip is a collection of childlike inspired illustrations designed to evoke memories of yesteryear and of the simpler times of early life. A representative of Camxip, a highly-reclusive […]

Microstock Money Shots – Book Review

I’ve had a copy of Microstock Money Shots sitting on my desk for a while now.  Ellen sent the book for a review, I gave it a read, and while I have recommended it a couple of times I haven’t gotten around to giving it it’s own review post.  Here it (finally) is… Background Check… […]

Earnings Breakdown of Full Time Microstockers

Background Info Last January MicrostockGroup organized a survey for everyone contributing content to the Microstock marketplace.  Here is the First Look of the results from the survey.  You can also find the ‘disclaimer’ in that post if you are interested :).  The survey is still live, and will be for the next few weeks.  If […]

iStock Video Producers Rebel Over Proposed Vetta Royalty Share

iStockphoto has announced plans to introduce a new higher priced Vetta collection of video clips. But, video producers are rebelling over the proposed royalty split for this product. Clips in this collection will be handpicked for their art direction, conceptual execution and rarity and will be made available at higher prices than other exclusive content. […]

Is 20% Royalty For RF Reasonable Today?

The concept of royalty-free stock photography was invented in the early 1990s because many picture buyers felt that it was unfair for image prices to be based on how the image would be used rather than their cost to produce. The pay-based-on-use system (rights-managed wasn’t even a term used at that time) was a particular […]

Meet Microstock’s Oldest Photographer

The ‘first look’ at the 2010 microstock survey results were recently published, and one of the interesting points was the oldest respondent to the survey was 84 years old.  The survey was anonymous, so there was no way to know who that was, but when Phil made a note of it in the microstock forum, […]