The Tyranny of the Microstock Lifecycle

You’ve probably heard that diamonds are forever. Right! But all else is subjected to the unforgiving laws of nature. Unfortunately for us, our stock assets are no exception. Everything you upload to a stock marketplace will have it’s prime selling days and eventually fade out to never again be bought by buyers. This strict rule […]

Are There Positive Indications Of Growth For The Stock Photo Market?

Stephen Walker recently read a report about Shutterstock’s IPO plans on APhotoEditor. He then posted the following on the ASMPstock group on yahoo. Do I read this correctly to say that micro and traditional RM, RF are growing at a pretty good clip? Micro more so! I am back in college now finishing my Business […]

Image Search Engine Optimization for Photographers

Over the past few years, reduced agency commissions have become a growing concern for photographers. At the same time, several viable options have surfaced which allow a photographer to strike out on her own and form a sort of virtual photo agency. Some options require more web programming knowledge than others. More experienced web programmers […]

2011 Microstock Industry Survey – First Look

Over 700 people responded to the 2011 Microstock Industry Survey (709 to be exact), beating our previous year’s record by nearly 100 responses (nearly 200 more responses compared to this time last year).   Thanks everyone!  If you haven’t had a chance to fill out the survey, you can do so here.  All responses will be […]

iStockphoto 2012: Semi-Annual Analysis

Our semi-annual analysis of iStockphoto sales has once again produced interesting results. As of January 2, 1012 istockcharts was tracking the sales of 38,163 of the more than 100,000 iStock contributors. More than 90% of the images in the iStock collection belong to this group of contributor. Combined these contributors have had a minimum of […]

Licensing Images In Today’s Market

  I’m regularly contacted by photographers, some with excellent portfolios, wanting to know how they can license rights to their images in today’s market. Recently, I was contacted by a nature and wildlife photographer whose work was excellent. This photographer regularly conducts Photo Workshops where he teaches others how to take great scenic and wildlife […]

MicrostockExpo Checklist

The MicrostockExpo in Berlin is approaching fast (4 days to go).  If you haven’t purchased your ticket, there is still time and room to join the 125+ 140+ other attendees. And for those attending, I thought I’d put together a little check list. Remember your Business Cards Yes you should bring some (lots).  It isn’t […]

Making Photography A Career: Run Your Numbers

Many who enjoy photography and have had some success at licensing rights to their images dream of quitting their “day job,” giving up a regular pay check and taking pictures full time. Here are a few things to think about that apply both to photographers who hope to do commercial assignments and those who want […]

Earnings vs Portfolio Size – Microstock Survey 2010

With this look at the results from the 2010 Microstock Survey, I’ll be specifically looking at earnings.  I’ll try to break them down a few different ways so we can learn the about how much we should expect to earn and what realistic goals can be for the future. Earnings by Portfolio Size Trying to […]

Interview with Sean Locke, Professional microStock Artist

If you don’t know who Sean Locke is, you probably don’t visit many online, stock related, forums.  If you do (any of the forums really) you are sure to have bumped into him.  I feel Sean is one of the more helpful posters online, however his blunt honesty and lack of ‘secret sharing’ often make […]