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mostphotos_logoMostPhotos has just received a total site makeover, so even if you’ve been there before, it’s worth a second look.  MostPhotos ajax rich interface makes navigation a pleasure.  Their website is nicely laid out with easy access to view your earnings, settings, profile page etc.  MostPhotos should also be commended on the thoroughness of their earnings report.  If you click on your Earnings, then View Full Report, you will be presented with a full breakdown of where your earnings came from, the date of the transaction, tax number, amount, the country where the image was sold, and your current balance.  In a time where agency transparency is becoming a hot topic, this is a welcomed feature.

Submitting Images

Submitting images to MostPhotos is a very simple process.  The site relies on the photographers to curate their own collection, meaning no image reviews.  Your images will be online immediately after uploading.  The lack of agency reviews will certainly mean a larger quantity of low quality images, but at the same time will also allow for a very wide selection of images for buyers to choose from.  To ensure the best images are shown to the buyers, MostPhotos makes use of a specialized search algorithm. There are also site-moderators that browse the latest images and reviews the images after they have been uploaded.


Sales on MostPhotos are still relatively obscure.  In the monthly microstock earnings poll MostPhotos ranks as one of the ‘low earners’.  Looking at my sales history page I can see they have a strong presence in Sweden, their home country.  Hopefully in the future months, with their new site design and focus, they can expand their reach.  Given the ease of uploading to MostPhotos, if you are going to submit to more than the ‘Big 4‘ microstock agencies, you should certainly consider adding them to your distribution.

MostPhotos Site Details


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Launch Date:
January 2006
Head Office Location: Sweden

Artist Royalties: 50%
: none

Subscriptions: Yes
Individual Image Sales: Yes

Image Requirements
Photos: Yes (minimum 5mp)
Vectors: Yes (no JPG file required)
Video: No

Minimum Payout: 10 €
Paypal: Yes
MoneyBookers: Yes
Bank Transfer: Yes

Photographer Referral Program: 10%
Buyer Referral Program: 10%

Upload Options
FTP Upload: Yes
Java Upload: Yes
HTML Upload: Yes
IPTC Support: Yes

Image Lock-In Time: None


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About The Author:

Tyler Olson works as a microstock photographer who also runs the MicrostockGroup forum and blog. Being so closely involved in the microstock community as a submitter, forum moderator and blogger, Tyler is able to keep updated in the constantly changing microstock marketplace.
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  • “you should certainly consider adding them to your distribution.” are you serious? regarding the usual earnings topic at microstockgroup I haven´t seen anyone reporting sales.. don´t see a point in uploading to an agency that doesn´t even review pictures right?

  • A good and fair review Tyler. Uploading is so quick and easy that it really adds little time to my workflow. Batch editing would be good but I just get around this with copy & paste for sets. I think the lack of reviewers makes for a more quirky mix of images which makes Mostphotos potentially stand out to buyers looking for something a bit different. Yes, there are some low quality images there but many, many more stunning ones. They haven’t even done any serious marketing yet -so there is everything to play for. And who can complain at 50% commission and a low 10euro payout level? Regards, David.