MicrostockExpo Checklist

The MicrostockExpo in Berlin is approaching fast (4 days to go).  If you haven’t purchased your ticket, there is still time and room to join the 125+ 140+ other attendees.

And for those attending, I thought I’d put together a little check list.

Remember your Business Cards

Yes you should bring some (lots).  It isn’t even a question.  You are going to be meeting many many people in a short time span and you (nor the people you meet) will be able to remember all the names.  They may remember where you are from / which company your worked for or the style of pictures you take, and maybe the color of your hair, but not your name and certainly not your email or website.  Most everyone has cards and it is a great way to easily exchange contact information on the fly. If you don’t have any already made, you should run down to your local printer and get some printed up, or make some on a home printer and get out the sparkles and glue.  Anything is better than nothing.

Plan Who You Want to Talk To

With so many people and so little time, you’re not going to get to talk to everyone.  If you have someone you especially want to have a conversation with, make sure you set up a meeting time.  The meeting is never expected to be formal and may end up including others that happen to be ‘around’, but you’ll be sure to get in a conversation with that person you wanted to chat with.

Introduce Yourself

There will be lots of people attending the conference alone and lots of people who would like to meet you.  Even if you’re not an extrovert, walk up to people and introduce yourself.  You are guaranteed to have something in common (microstock) and you may get some fun surprises of who you ‘discover’.   Perhaps you’ll find someone you have been in discussion with on a Microstock Forum or possibly the CEO of your favorite agency.

Plan Your Day

The Microstock Expo has a packed program.  Make sure you make note of which sessions you want to attend and which you can do without.  Once you get chatting with your new friends it’s easy to loose track of the time and miss a useful session.  At the same time, if you spend the entire time in sessions there may be too little time for socializing and browsing the exhibitor booths.

Stay Connected

If you find yourself standing around, wondering what to do – check out the latest conference tweets [shortcode #mexpo] and Forum thread on MicorstockGroup.  People may be gathering in a pub / bar / coffeeshop and you’ll be invited.

About The Author:

Tyler Olson works as a microstock photographer who also runs the MicrostockGroup forum and blog. Being so closely involved in the microstock community as a submitter, forum moderator and blogger, Tyler is able to keep updated in the constantly changing microstock marketplace.
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  • Hey Tyler, thanks so much for the checklist. Once extra thing: registered attendees who opted-in to the networking list can contact the people they want to talk to in advance to setup meetings. Many people have been doing this already. It really makes the most of your time and ensures you don’t have any trouble speaking with the people who are most important for you.

    I’m looking forward to seeing everyone there!

  • Great checklist indeed!