Microstock Expo 2013 Announced

If you didn’t attend the 2011 Microstock Expo you missed out.  Now you’ve got the chance to redeem yourself with the 2013 Microstock Expo.

Microstock Expo 2013 Key Info

When: November 16-17, 2013, with a Photowalk and Opening Reception on Friday 15th.
Where: andel’s Hotel, Berlin, Germany – Rooms start at €99
Cost: Tickets start at €249 +VAT in May, then rise. Be sure to use the coupon code MSG2013 for 20% off. Get your ticket here.
What: Two+ days of networking, discussion, learning, and inspiration from the industry’s leaders.


10 Reasons Why You Need to Attend

  • Networking With Others in the Industry – Being a microstock artist is a lonely job.  Yes, we can chat if the forum all we want but actual face to face conversations with people who are passionate about the industry is a something most of us don’t get the pleasure of doing very often.  At the expo, you’ll get more than your fill.
  • Meet the Agency Owners – Not all agencies will be represented at the Expo, but the big ones, the important ones, will be.  It’s really great to connect to the otherwise faceless people who give us our royalties every month.
  • Learn – Your income probably won’t increase from $10,000/year to $100,000/year by attending the expo but you will gather little nuggets of information that if acted upon, will improve your business.  Hearing how others work, how they’ve solved workflow bottlenecks and brainstorming new ways of work more effectively.  Things like this come from listening, discussing and meeting others in our industry.  I had a teacher once who stated that if she came away with one useable piece of information from a workshop she considered it well worth her time.  That shouldn’t be a problem here.
  • Great Location – The andel’s Hotel really is a great location.  The session rooms are nice, the food is well above par, the hotel rooms were super and nicely priced.  The expo is simply enjoyable in a nice location.  The lunches are included as well, which encourage everyone to eat in the same place and allows for more networking / visiting.
  • Product Demos – Wacom and RED have both confirmed their attendance at the expo with more companies to announced.  If you’ve ever been to PhtoPlus in New York you know what kind of a zoo it can be.  The Microstock Expo, although big for the microstock world is tiny in the expo world.  You’ll have as much time as you want to play with and handle the gear on display.
  • Portfolio Review Session – I have always loved taking part in and listening to image critique.  In this session, industry leaders critique and give their thoughts on why images (supplied by the attendees) work or don’t work.
  • Masterclasses – This year they’ve got three tracts to choose from.  Illustration, Video and Photography.  If you’re into hands on learning and want to see how the full time microstockers create content, this is your chance.
  • Bruce Livingstone – Bruce founded the first microstock agency, iStockPhoto and has now co-founded the first microstock co-op, Stocksy.  He’ll be presenting the expo keynote and doing a little Q&A afterwards.  This may be reason in itself to attend.
  • Great Atmosphere – The expo has a great laid back, relaxed atmosphere.  You can bump into the CEO of a top agency and strike up a conversation as easy as you can start chatting with the guy who just started microstock last week.  The conference provides an equal meeting ground for everyone.
  • Microstock Swag – What would a conference be without the goodie bag.  Yep, they got those too with some fun industry swag.

Get your Ticket

So, will we see you there?  Get your Expo ticket here and book your hotel room here.

About The Author:

Tyler Olson works as a microstock photographer who also runs the MicrostockGroup forum and blog. Being so closely involved in the microstock community as a submitter, forum moderator and blogger, Tyler is able to keep updated in the constantly changing microstock marketplace.
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