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A new sales avenue has arrived in the microstock market place, this time coming from an agency better known for their traditional stock offerings, Ingram Publishing.  Ingram Publishing has launched the isignstock site as a very specific stock offering to the sign industry, as well as a means to source a collection of microstock imagery for both the isignstock site and Ingram’s other stock collections.

isignstock differentiats itself from the competition in a number of ways.  The site targets the lucrative ‘signmaker/printer’ industry and caters very specifically to their needs.  isignstock is able to provide their customers with an extensive vehicle template database, allowing them to satisfy all their imaging needs in one stop.   Ingram is also working directly with sign machinery manufacturers giving Ingram an extensive distrition network, which should reflect well on sales.

In addition to having images sold on the isignstock site, all exclusive content (and the best non-exclusive content) will be automatically distributed through ingimage, Ingram Publishing’s royalty free subscription offering, as well as throughout Ingram’s existing dealer channel.

Using the Site

Uploading to isignstock is very simple for those who have images which don’t require model or property releases.  There are no categories or buttons to click on, it is a simple upload and forget process.  For those contributers with large amounts of released images however, isignstock has a few improvements to make before their contributer side of the site is user friendly. Releases currently have to be attached to each image individually, hopefully a more effective means of attaching hundreds of releases can be put in place soon.  Additionally, the lack of FTP support is a bit of a deal breaker for most people wanting to upload a large amount of images.  Johnnie, a Ingram Publishing rep, posted in the MicrostockGroup forum that FTP was coming soon however, so improvements appear to be in the works.

Upload Bonus

isignstock is also offering an upload bonus, which is vaid until November 15, 2010.  The payout structure is as follows
1000 images – $50
250 images – $25
50 images – $10

The amount offered pales in comparison to the recent Dash for Cash incentive put on by Veer which offered up to $1.40/image uploaded, but in the words of Johnnie, isignstock is not trying to make this a get rich quick scheme but rather a small incentive.

We appreciate our bonus scheme doesn’t offer vast riches – we simply see it as a start up fee / small incentive to encourage photographers to begin working with us.

isignstock Spec’s

Parent Site: Ingram Publishing
Launch Date: Oct 2010

Photographer’s Percentage: Non Exclusive 30%, Exclusive 40%
: Per image

Subscriptions: Yes
Individual Image Sales: No

Image Requirements
Photos: Yes (minimum 4mp)
Vectors: Yes, no overcuts or overlapping shapes
Video: No

Minimum Payout: USD $60

Referral Program: none

Upload Options
FTP Upload: No (coming soon)
Java Upload: Yes
HTML Upload: No
IPTC Support: Yes (for images)

Image Lock-In Time: Exclusive images – 6 months, Non-exclusive images – 2 months

About The Author:

Tyler Olson works as a microstock photographer who also runs the MicrostockGroup forum and blog. Being so closely involved in the microstock community as a submitter, forum moderator and blogger, Tyler is able to keep updated in the constantly changing microstock marketplace.
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