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Getting inspired isn’t easy.  If you are in a funk and don’t know what to shoot it is hard to get motivated and the camera ends up sitting on the shelf for days, weeks and before you know it months.  To break this trend and keep yourself active here are a few tips

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  • Take your camera with you.  Even if you don’t plan on shooting anything, take it along.
  • Keep your camera available.  If you are walking around the city, on a backpack trip or hike, or just out with friends, if the camera is tucked away in a bag it isn’t going to get used. Keep it ready to shoot the unexpected
  • Try pushing your limits.  Create challenges for yourself like taking 10 photos in your garage, or 10 photos of your driveway.  Choose a subject that seems uninteresting and force yourself to see it in a new way.  You may be surprised at what you come up with.
  • Put your camera on manual.  By having to consider the settings for each shot you will be forced to think through the process and take your time with shooting.

Checking out inspiring photographers is another great way to motivate yourself.  Here are a few to get started.

  • iN-PUBLIC – Street photography – a great inspiration and proof that you don’t need an expensive studio set up to create stunning photography.
  • Adam Salwanowicz – Stunning landscape photography.
  • Bianca Vanderwerf – Artistic grunge style images.  Art and travel photography.
  • Nick Brandt – African Wildlife
  • Elliott Erwitt – Iconic witty photography.
  • James Nachtwey – If you don’t know his name, you know his pictures.  War / Documentary photographer.

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Winter landscape a single white tree under ice

Winter landscape a single tree from Photos

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