Give Free Water With a Tweet @microstockgroup #tweetwater

Here’s the deal.



I have an advertising budget for Microstockgroup and I could just spend it all in Google Adwords or somthing, but I saw the Charity Water campaign last year some time, I liked it but never did anything about it.  I recently stumbled upon it again and thought to put something into action.

Here is a bit about the charity

charity: water promo featuring “Time Bomb” by Beck from charity: water on Vimeo.

So anyhow here’s how it works…  I’ll donate $1.00 for every time someone tweets on twitter with the hash tag #tweetwater and usertag @microstockgroup.  I have $1,000 to spend and am hoping to use everything on this campaign.  I have until Dec. 31 to get this done.  You can just click the tweet link on this blog post to send your tweet, or write something like this

Give free water with a tweet @microstockgroup #tweetwater

Here is the MicrostockGroup CharityWater page

And here is the #tweetwater page

If you want to make a donation there yourself, feel free to do so – it is really a great cause and 100% of the donations go to building wells.  But at the least send a tweet and make ME pay 🙂

I’ll keep this thread on the forum updated with the progress.

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