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Dreamstime is offering direct print orders to it’s customers from it’s entire database of photography.  Customers have always been able to purchase image files and print them on their own, for use in their home or office – all legal under the general licensing terms, but now Dreamstime has made it easier by offering the purchase of the physical print.  Photographers will be compensated with an image purchase at the largest size.

From Achilles in the Dreamstime Forum

Thanks to our pricing model and a very simple formula, prices are kept minimal: production costs + RF pricing (maximum size, credits only, levels apply). Contributor royalties & agency share calculation is based on the same formula used for regular downloads. This allows us to provide the lowest prices for this type of products. In return, we expect to generate a significant vertical instantly.

As the service is directed towards the consumer, what we did was to enable them to print the images directly from our site, instead of having to go to a different provider. A single copy will be ordered and our terms will prohibit the reselling of these items (this avoids conflicts with our EL licensing).


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