Making useful sense from thousands of forum posts is challenging at best.  Forums are an important discussion medium – something that blogs never will be, but gleaning the information from old forum posts is both time consuming and difficult.  MicrostockGroup Blog is an effort to organize and glean the most useful information from the MicrostockGroup forums and package it in an easy to read format.  Want to discuss and get opinions – head to the microstock forum.  Want to find tips and general information – check out the microstock blog.
I (Tyler Olson) am the primary author for the blog, although shoot me an email if you are interested in joining in :).  I work full time as an independent microstock photographer and fill in the cracks with the running the forum on MicrostockGroup.com and writing articles here.  I started submitting to microstock in April 2004 and currently have the best job in the world.

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