2014 Microstock Industry Survey – First Look

rimary sourcHere are the results from the 7th annual Microstock Survey.  So far, there have been 632 respondents – You can still take part if you haven’t completed the survey yet.  Thanks again to everyone who responded. For reference, here are links to the previous year’s ‘First Look’s’ 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 You […]

Microstock’s Business Case: How Much Can You Earn?

Recently, I was chatting to a friend interested in getting into microstock. “Are you really sure you want to do that?” I asked him. “Why shouldn’t I?” he answered. It’s a valid question: Why shouldn’t he? Many of you have experienced how the industry has tightened and competition has grown fiercer. But does that mean […]

2013 Microstock Industry Survey – First Look

The results from the 6th annual Microstock Survey are ready.  There were 812 respondents, nearly 60 more than  last year’s survey.  Thanks again to everyone who responded.  Perhaps next year we’ll break 1000 🙂 For referance, here are links to the previous year’s ‘First Look’s’ 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 You can also view all […]

2013 Microstock Industry Survey – Infographic

The first round of data has been tallied.  Here are the results from the 2013 Microstock Industry Survey.  A super big thanks to everyone who responded and the sponsors of the thank-you prize giveaway (ProImageExperts, StockPerformer, MicrostockSubmitter, MicrostockGroup).  The winners were announced on the forum, here.  If you haven’t taken part yet, you can still […]

Interview with Kholyavskaya Ekaterina of DragonImages

Guest post by Robert Kneschke Robert Kneschke: Hello Ekatarina! Could you please introduce yourself? Kholyavskaya Ekaterina: Hello Robert. I’m Eketarina and I am a production studio chief at DragonImages Production studio. The DragonImages Production Studio (by PressFoto Group) is a professional creative team, which is located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and has been […]

Bruce Livingstone Interview

With Stocksy (http://www.stocksy.com/) Bruce Livingstone has set out to produce a collection of “authentic” stock images unlike anything customers will be able to find anywhere else. When he uses the work authentic he means a photograph that doesn’t look staged, pretend, forced or unrealistic. Images can be processed, but the processing must match the content. […]

Microstock Expo 2013 Announced

If you didn’t attend the 2011 Microstock Expo you missed out.  Now you’ve got the chance to redeem yourself with the 2013 Microstock Expo. Microstock Expo 2013 Key Info When: November 16-17, 2013, with a Photowalk and Opening Reception on Friday 15th. Where: andel’s Hotel, Berlin, Germany – Rooms start at €99 Cost: Tickets start […]

Changing Photography Business

Anyone interested in a career as a photographer – as well as photographers in mid-career — should carefully examine how the business is changing. If we look at image use on the Internet it is undeniable that more images are being made available for viewing. Here’s some numbers: It has been calculated that from the […]

2012 Microstock Industry Survey – First Look

The responses have been tabulated and the results for the 5th annual Microstock Survey are ready.  To date there have been 754 respondents, about 40 more than  last year’s survey.  A big thanks for everyone who responded.  It’s great to have such a large sample size to look at.   As I’ve done in previous […]

2012 Microstock Industry Survey – Sneak Peek

I’ll be posting the full data from the survey very soon, but until then, here’s a little teaser from the results of the 2012 Microstock Industry Survey.  At the time the infographic was created, there were 708 respondents – a nearly identical amount to last year’s survey.  Thanks to everyone who took part, we’ve got […]